Danev - Ranged striker


Family Who were your parents? Nobodies. Were both of them heroes? Just One? Neither. Do you have brothers or sisters? All elves are by brethren. Are they heroes as well? Some? None? A few. What socioeconomic status does/did your family enjoy? Dont know. Did your family keep servants? Black ones. Do you remember any battles? No. Was religion a large component of your upbringing? Nature. What is your fondest memory from childhood? The time i almost died to a baaloth. Are you still close with your family? No. Would they quarter you during a crisis? No.

Adolescence When was your coming-of-age? Never, still a child at heart. What was required of you during the rites of passage? Exiled elf. Have you fought in any battles? Lots. Were you wounded? Physically? Psychologically? Often, yes, only physically. Have you ever fallen in love? No. What is that? What would you say regarding your schooling? Limited. Have you extensively studied History? Arcana? Religion? Nature. Have you received formal training in any vocation? Bowmanship, hunting.

Motivation What makes you happy? Nothing. But loot helps. See emo kid. What do you wish you could have more of: combat, gold, lovers, knowledge? Combat. When you received the Prince’s invitation to the games, what was the first thought that crossed your mind? How did the prince know of me? Has he been watching me? Better stay frosty. Do you plan on competing? In what? Whatever will further my goals. If you do not plan on competing, why are you going? To confer with the prince, and ask how he knows of me.

Appearance Do you have any scars, tattoos, birthmarks? Body is covered in scars, with incomplete training and living on my own, battles often took a toll. Hair: Unkept, black with a hint of luminescent silver. Eyes: Silver. What is your body style and build? Slender, cut. Do you exercise often? Yes. What types of clothes do you wear? Deerskin/Bearskin/leaves depending on the time of year Do you favor a color? No.

Miscellanea What is your greatest pet peeve? People named <insert>. The name just bothers me. How would you react if you were forced to take the life of an innocent? Dandy. Would you rather sleep on the ground or on a soiled bed? Ground. Would you steal food if you were starving? Certainly. Would you steal food for another if they were starving? Difficult to say. If you see two people fighting, do you intervene? Yes, and loot both of their corpses. If one pulls a weapon? ??? Do you drink alcohol? Never.


Tears of the King Denso