Bolverk Kollsvein


Bolverk Kollsvein during The Battle of Aker

The Battle of Aker

The only account we have of The Champion of Sunna is through oral history.

As the stories go, the world was quite young. Before the emergence of conflicting nations, there were clans that were loosely organized into city-states. The Gods, however, had not yet agreed to let the world progress on its own, and they were actively taking a role in shaping the land and its people.

Believing that Odin had stolen the designs for humanity from her, the goddess Hel set forth the task of bringing humanity back to Niflheim – a task which required the brutal slaughter of everyone on the planet. In order to accomplish this, she raised a dreadful army composed of demons and other foul beasts.

A general, Bolverk of Kollsvein, was tasked with eliminating the threat, which was on the march to obliterate Aker. Bolverk crusaded for 90 days gathering the best of men and wives to crush the invaders. As his army marched to meet Hel, demonic troops ambushed them.

The Battle of Aker

Several of his best men joined Hel in Nifleheim that day. Those that survived rallied in a mountain pass and held the pass against the twisted darkness of 300,000. When Hel herself arrived and joined in combat, the remaining men were overwhelmed and fell quickly. Realizing that he stood alone against certain doom, Kollsvein made a final sacrifice to the goddess Sunna. She took pity on the lone hero and channeled her might through his frail mortal body. The mortal acted as a lens, focusing the light onto Hel, and the latter was banished to Niflheim and has not walked Einar since.

The design of man never anticipated channeling so much energy; the resulting explosion wiped out Aker as well as several kilometers of the continent. The “Ruins of Aker” is an explorable dungeon filled with some of the most terrifying monsters and precious loots. Sadly, the ruins are quite inaccessible, located underwater off the coast of Kvivikcapital.

Sunna channels her energy through Kollsvein


The Epic of Kollsvein is a favorite among followers of Sunna. The Cleansing, is a ritual performed whereby an acolyte of the Church of Sunna locks himself or herself in a darkened room and – with their eyes closed – recites the oral history of Kollsvein. Sunna herself allows some of her energy into the individual thereby cleansing them of all sins. Rumors seem to indicate that the room also errupts in a wash of light, yet because the individual’s eyes are closed, they never notice.

The Church of Sunna in Jarlshof houses the tomb of Kollsvein. Although the hero was vanquished in an epic explosion, there is a sarcophagus in the mausoleum. Followers of Sunna make the pilgrimage to Jarlshof to see the priests of Sunna and to touch the sarcophagus of Kollsvein, which superstition holds grants the individual luck and the ability to see in the dark for a short amount of time.

It is widely whispered that there are some who can still channel the power of the Gods, and that the Gods themselves have learned to limit the exposure of raw energy to the heroes that would wield it.

Bolverk Kollsvein

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