World Description


The world is comprised of two nations that are constantly vying for power, Einar and Fæsul. Einar’s culture is predominantly Viking in nature whereas Fæsul’s is predominantly Classical Greco-Roman. The player characters will be from the nation, Einar. There are no other major playable races aside from humans in Einar. Thousands of years ago, the other races were actively hunted and brutally murdered. Nevertheless, in the deep dark recesses of the world, you may find terrifying monsters and strange creatures.

Role of Magic

The role of magic is limited. The open use of magic is outlawed in Fæsul. In Einar, the use of magic is regarded in the same light as demonic possession. Nevertheless, it is recognized that some are born with a talent that tends to the magical. Those that express magical ability rarely live to their coming-of-age. In Fæsul, the pater dominus disowns the child outright, leaving him or her to fend for themselves in a hostile world. In Einar, the child is brought before the regional Prince and dealt with accordingly – typically some form of brutal pagan exorcism. Despite the fears, the usefulness of magic in combat cannot be denied. During times of war, magic wielders are sent to the front lines as artillery, cannon fodder, and combat medics. There are rumors of schools (yes like Hogwarts) scattered across the land that hone the use of such skills.


Because of Einar’s similarities to Viking culture, there is a strong significance placed on the coming-of-age. There is a ceremony associated with an individual becoming a freeperson with full rights. These rites-of-passage are custom-tailored to the individual, typically involving some minor (yet perilous) quest. The rites-of-passage are open to individuals older than ten years, and they are expected to be completed before the age of 20. All major heroes throughout history have either completed the rites-of-passage by 17 or have died trying.


The major professions or career choices for heroes throughout history have been: Soldering, Artistry, and Politics. Each profession arc has three tiers each with benefits and drawbacks. It is not crucial or intended for player characters to select a profession. The following descriptions are provided to further understand historical figures and interactions with current heroes.

As a solder, you can be called to join an army. As you rise through the ranks, you may become a commander and gain the ability to create an army. The final tier is a general, where you are expected to carry out campaigns to defend the homeland and/or assault enemies.

As an artist, you train in a form of artistic expression. As you gain skill, you may complete a masterpiece, marking your transition to a master artist. As a master artist, you are widely renown and famous, increasing the chances of being murdered. Yet you tend to produce masterpieces that can attract the attention of nobles, allowing you to gain access to the aristocracy. The final tier is a visionary. Like Leonardo da Vinci, you have acquired some deep understanding of the human condition and are able to foresee future inventions. You have a high likelihood of being recognized by the King/Queen and gaining hereditary title.

As a politician, you vie for power in the court of the King. You are little more than a swindler, hoping to attain hereditary title. Upon receipt, you are regarded as a noble with rights to the throne as per the rights of ascension. Rarely does one attain the final tier, the King himself.

World Description

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