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Game time and location

6pm on Sunday at Beth’s

Player Characters

Note: Please follow the character creation guidelines.

Player Character Level Race Class Source Role Ready?
Jared Nikolas Valgard 3 Human Cleric Divine Leader yes
Joshua Raethrekr Hrafnason 3 Human Paladin Divine Defender yes
Beth Meldin Skeggi 3 Human Paladin Divine Defender yes
LJP Mord Reinn 3 Human Shaman Primal Leader yes
Lance Armod Thorberg 3 Human Fighter Martial Defender yes
Drew Randvér Stál-skáld 3 Human Battlemind Psionic Defender yes
Jared Drak’fen Stormwing 7 Dragonborn Warden Primal Defender yes
Joshua Hafr 7 Human Warlord Martial Leader yes
Beth Paela 7 Halfling Assassin Shadow Striker yes
LJP Leif Olaf 7 Dwarf Avenger Divine Striker yes
Lance Gomed 7 Dwarf Barbarian Primal Striker yes
Drew Zalen Norwulf 7 Wilden Druid Primal Controller yes

The World

Please consult the World Description page for more information on the cultures, role of magic, rites-of-passage, and professions.

RP Guidelines

  • Limit RP to the Adventure Log.
  • Avoid unilaterally hijacking RP, and let other people contribute.
  • The comments section of the Adventure Log is for out-of-character discussion.
  • Each adventure log post may contain the following:
    • Player Name (compulsory)
    • Italicized flavor text for RP actions or scene descriptions
    • A skill check roll in the format: Roll: Skill Numeric_Result
  • Multiple concurrent skill check rolls will be synchronized by periodic DM posts explaining the outcomes and situation as it unfolds.

The Story Thus Far

Session 1

Day 1

The heroes arrived at the faire and met each other. On the first day, they rescued a kitten from up a tree after Meldin seduced the assassin, Ol’ Man Haskins (thereby increasing her fame level). Dane and Armod successfully smashed in a wooden chest containing the Olaf’s beer recipe that Tharg wanted. There was a successful hunt that day as well, bringing in skins worth 20g. Finally, the heroes attempted to rescue a husband and baby traveling in a carriage that was attacked by wolves and highwaymen. They were unsuccessful at saving anyone.

That night, Prince Moldof Reinn announced the beginning of the games. Prior to the feast that night, Raethrekr gave the Odinbless, which he intentionally changed to the Helbless (thereby increasing his fame level). There was an attempt on Raethrekr’s life from further down the table, but the Prince insisted that although worshipping Hel at his table was unorthodox, unexpected, and unwelcome, Raethrekr is still a guest of his.

The night concluded with a relay race, which our heroes won quite handily. The relay race consisted of a shield run, then scaling a 10’ wall, then crossing a narrow unstable footpath across a mud pit. After that, there was the drinking competition, the pumpkin patch, confronting a group of liars, and sneaking past a group of slumbering war dogs. The final challenge was to present an offering to Odin. Because the heroes won the relay race, they got special use of the opulent team tent, which grants an extra action point when taking an extended rest within.

Day 2

The next day was the day of the competition. All of our heroes won their respective events. Iron armor and other gear was purchased from local vendors. The heroes pursued the cultists responsible for summoning the demon that murdered the Prince and his bodyguard. They found the campsite hastily abandoned, and tracked the cultists to the ruins of an old Faesul fortress.

The heroes came to a fork and decided not to follow the obvious footprints leading in one direction. They quickly came to a room lined with gold with a cage in the center and a lot of gold coins. Toying with the control box, a block in the ceiling shifted and thousands of keys began pouring into the room. The heroes decided to leave the room instead of drown in the keys. They did, however, take enough keys to smelt 20 iron bars.

The next room had a line of skulls that began to emit putrid purple gas. Suffering 5hp/round, the heroes walked through the mirror on the other side of the room to escape. Continuing onward, the heroes then came to a room with a kobold bound to a chair claiming he had special information. The heroes put an arrow in between his eyes.

The next room was arranged in a hexagon shape with a number of statues of unrecognized humanoid creatures and beasts as well as levers. The heroes pulled the levers while standing on a pressure plate in the main room to unlock the path ahead, but did not select the correct sequence and a Warrior of the Ragnarok was released. Having defeated the Ragnarok Warrior, they collected its wraithvein chainmail and greatsword before continuing onwards into the unknown…

Session 2

Day 2

The heroes finally came to a corridor with a mirror that seemed transparent. The heroes walked through it, reverting to their Einar selves and continued onwards up a spiral staircase. They finally arrived at the assassin’s camp deep in the dungeon parked right next to a giant chasm. Killing the assassins with relative ease, they found a copy of the contract found earlier instructing them to collect payment from a contact named Hallvard.

The heroes found a rope ladder leading down into the chasm and they decide to descend, looking for adventure. At the end of the rope ladder is a cavern leading deeper into the dungeon. The heroes surmise that the Faesul that built this fortress had no idea about the cavern system – the rope ladder was likely left by the assassins. Tossing sunrods about, the heroes were welcomed by the sight of horrific thick spider webs.

Pressing into the cavern, the twists and turns confused everyone, but successful use of Dungeoneering brought the heroes to a hallway of engraved stone in an unfamiliar style. More levers were in a large antechamber, and the heroes noticed that the levers connected to a floodgate make of bauxite, capable of holding back lava. Further, they knew that there was no lava on the other side of the door. Spiders began flooding the room out of the tiny holes in the walls, attacking the players. Through pro play by Arnod and others, all the levers were successfully pulled and the floodgate opened. The heroes narrowly escaped, running down a channel. They noticed engravings here too of short stout humanoids fighting a large spider.

On the other side of the channel, there was a single lever. Pulling that, the opposite floodgate slammed shut, crushing some of the spiders that gave chase. Lava poured into the channel from above the heroes and loud pops could be heard as the spiders were exploding under the intense heat. The heroes had discovered an ancient fortress built by a people that were no longer alive. They decided to loot the entire fortress, focusing on selecting equipment rather than riches. During the looting, they came to a circular room with mirrors on all sides. The mirrors revealed a dining area with the short ones who noticed our heroes and pulled weapons from the other side. Our heroes attempted to cross the mirror and engage them, but found that the mirrors were magically protected by a seal. They later concluded that the mirror images were the survivors of the fortress.

Looking for an lava-free exit led our heroes to a room with a giant spider queen with the remains of Faesul warriors carrying a golden eagle banner reading FELIX I, the first cohort of the general Felix Faesulius, the last of the ancient bloodline of original Faesul kings. The legionnaire had fallen defending the eagle. Our heroes made quick work of the spider queen and lifted all useful silver equipment from the dead Faesul skeletons.

The discovery that Faesul had access to the fortress but were stopped by the spider queen (more likely one of her ancestors) led to the idea that the passageway connects back to Sheogor, which it did. The heroes left with new insights and new questions. Who were the inhabitants of the original dungeon? Why did the spiders take up residence there? Who were the people on the other side of the mirror? Why did the inhabitants leave the weapons and armor when they evacuated? Why was there ever an ancient Faesul fortress deep within Einar territory?

The heroes decided to hunt down the contact, Hallvard, to avenge the prince.

On the road to Jarlshof, the heroes took an extended rest.

Day 3

On the road to Jarlshof, the heroes took an extended rest.

Day 4

The heroes arrived in Jarlshof.

The capital of Jarlshof Kommunity, Jarlshof is built against the mountains along the road to Kvivik.

Jarlshof has a folksdistrict with houses for common folk, a shopsdistrict that offers shops selling all sorts of wares. Finally, Jarlshof has an active Odindistrict devoted to worshippers of the Aesir. Shops in the Odindistrict specialize in rituals and alchemy.

Jarlshof is known for its Silver and Mithril items. Here, you can buy Steel, Silver, and Mithril items at 60%, 120%, and 640% markup. Glass blocks of various color are available for 62 gold. You’re sure that you can haggle the merchants down on their wares. If you were famous, you’re certain the merchants would give you a better deal.

There is an inn here which will host your entire party for 10g per day. They promise all the meat and mead that your group can consume. They also offer a laundry service whose cost is built-in to the group rate. The inn fills at night with travelers, local merchants, and vagabond musicians.

The innkeeper makes special mention that whoring and blasphemy are not permitted within their walls.

The Church of Sunna is in Jarlshof oriented east-west to allow the rising and setting of the sun to fill the cathedral with brilliant light refracted through its grand stained glass windows. The Church of Sunna is located in the mountains, and reaching the Church requires a hike through rough mountainous terrain, known as “The Rise of Sunna.” Pilgrims are often compelled to climb in order to find themselves closer to the goddess of the sun.

Nikolas is compelled to climb the Rise of Sunna to proselytize himself before his goddess. Seeing an opportunity to test their skills, the rest of the party decides to accompany him during the climb. At the top of the Rise, however, the party is turned away by several monks in silver robes speaking in unison, “None but the followers of Sunna may enter,” as their eyes began to glow white. The inside of their hoods are golden silks that reflect the sunlight radiating from their bodies.

Inside the church was described thusly:

Golden yellow satin tapestries hang from the ceiling, bearing the symbol of Sunna. The sun shines through the stained glass depicting the Battle of Aker, a theme of Sunna worship.

Several monks similar to those outside confer with one another as they carry about their studies and their worship. They argue the subtle nuances of the teachings of Sunna.

Upon entering the Church, Nikolas was immediately called out by a figure composed of what appears to be pure sunlight at the lectern on your right. A voice filled his mind, “Nikolas. I have seen your past and your future. You have brought impurity into this church, Valgardson! You must respect our traditions and complete the Epic of Kollsvein to cleanse your body of your sins.” The figure was of course referring to the highwayman that Nikolas murdered in cold blood, violating the sacred pacifist nature of Sunna followers.

Nikolas began to recite the Epic of Kollsvein [See adventure log for RP].

Meanwhile, the rest of our heroes decided to go looking for Hallvard. A smith in the shopsdistrict mentioned hearing the name in the Odindistrict. A priest in the Odindistrict mentioned hearing the name in the shopsdistrict. You ask at the inn, but no one seems to recognize the name. The man is a mystery.

While the heroes were asking around for Hallvard, a hooded figure approached Mord Reinn and spoke in a low voice, “I know you, Reinnson. Our prince has been killed, and now the steward of Jarlshof has thronestake. It should truly be yours.” He passed a wax-sealed scroll to Mord on the sly. “These are the thronerites of our family. They name you despite your exile. If you’re interested, meet me tomorrow near the Keepwall. Wear some gildgarb and bring the sword of Moldof. It is yours now.”

Raethrekr, while looking for Hallvard, began wheeling and dealing in the shopsdistrict, spent 30g of the party’s money having the craftsmen augment his heavy shield with a giant glass black raven, increasing his fame level. He overheard a boisterous man at the center of a crowd of thugs, “Bwaaahahahaha of course that runt scampered away! House Landnamabok is the sole keeper of Einar history, and that house had no claim to greatness. I murdered them and put their homes to my torch! Just as I have to countless other families across this land. Long live the Houses of Einar!” The group of men clanged their horns together and drank sweet mead in celebration of another fallen house.

Raethrekir heard the same voice shouting orders as his family was murdered in cold blood. Visions filled his mind.. His weaponsmaster falling at the gate, arrows in his back staring at the lad with lifeless eyes as the same voice called out his kill adding, “Bwaaaahahahaha not a single worthy opponent in the lot!”

The giant of a man announced his departure, “Well, lads, I am off to bed my women and my daughters! Meet me tomorrow at the usual place, and we’ll discuss the next fallen house of Einar!” And with that, the man walks off towards the folksdistrict.

Raethrekr, acting alone, approached the crowd and demanded to know where “the usual place” is. Successfully intimidating the unarmed and drunken crowd, one of the men revealed the usual place as “behind the inn on the other side of town.” Raethrekr was able to determine that the inn was not the same as the inn where his party decided to stay.

The heroes decided to sleep at the inn that night after working on their forging, while Nikolas recited the Epic of Kollsvein alone in a room devoid of all light.

Session 3

Day 5

While waiting for Nikolas, the heroes decided to do some odd jobs around the city. Mord decided to spend some gold to gain advanced forging training. The heroes found a missing boy in the shopsdistrict. The heroes also helped a local brewhaus perfect its ale recipe by using Olaf’s recipe, which included a special ingredient, puppies.

Raethrekr, with the help of his allies, tracked the Landnambok son to a secret meeting underneath an inn – in the sewers. A mighty battle was fought there. As the battle was nearing its conclusion, Randver convinced some fleeing archers to return to the battle in exchange for food and gold. That night, the heroes murdered the archers in cold blood as they lay asleep at the inn. After all, only blasphemy and whoring were explicitly mentioned as forbidden, right? Raethrekr found what can only be described as a hitlist on the son of Landnambok. The list was signed by Hallvard.

Day 6

Nikolas completed the ritual, and the Light of Sunna bestowed this knowledge:

As Nikolas completes the ritual, visions enter his mind and his body convulses. He sees the last stand of mighty Kollsvein standing against the forces of Hel. Suddenly the earth shakes and Hel arrives, systematically slaughtering everyone. None can stand against the Goddess. Kollsvein shouted a final prayer and was heard by the goddess Sunna, who channeled her energy directly through the hero, banishing Hel from the mortal realm.

“And that is as we have taught,” the Light of Sunna says as it gently touches Nikolas’s shoulder, calming the priest. “But there is more still that we teach to only those of the highest conviction. I believe that you are ready, Nikolas.”

“The teachings say that after the Sundering of Aker by Sunna’s Might, the Aesir vowed to never participate in mortal affairs. All were present during The Accord except Hel, who had been banished to Nifelheim.”

“This is not the whole story.”

“As Sunna’s energy crashed into Hel, Loki saw his daughter struggling. He reached out and manipulated Sunna’s magic. He transformed Sunna’s energy into a sword and sliced the world in two, sending Hel to that place.”

“Our world is joined with that one.”

“Some heroes are able to glimpse into the other world, while fewer still possess the capability to cross over into the other world. Mirrors are windows into that world. By touching a mirror, Nikolas, you will be able to cross into the other world. In time, you will be able to draw power from that place.”

“You must beware. In that place, you are as you would have been had the Accord never happened. The Aesir control the balance of life on that side, and our kind shares it with several other races.”

“Go now, Nikolas. May you forever shine with the love of Sunna.”

With Nikolas rejoining the group, they decided to support Mord’s claim to the throne. Meeting the hooded figure outside the keepwall, they proceeded to the court. After hours of meaningless chatter, Mord began his bid. The Steward, noticing the hooded figure, called out Hallvard, asking who he has brought to overthrow him this time. Raethrekr, coming to terms with the notion that the trusted hooded figure was responsible for the destruction of his family, chased him out of the court, but could not maintain chase. Mord was successfully installed as the Prince of Jarlshof. The palace guards quickly discovered the location of Hallvard but offered the heroes the opportunity to confront him. The heroes arrived at his house, and battle was joined quickly. Raethrekr, channeling the power of Hel, quickly dropped Hallvard in just a few swings of his mighty ebony longsword, sizzling with chilly blue Helfire. Begging for his life, Hallvard offered knowledge. Raethrekr had other plans though. He strung Hallvard upside down on a cross, spoke to his ancestral sword and viciously pointed it towards Hallvard’s torso, which errupted in arctic blue flame—for all eternity the villain would burn.

Session 4

Day 6

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