House Landnámabók


For the last 250 years, the proud traditions of House Landnámabók have been carefully maintained by the strong historical presence of powerful women. Indeed, many other Houses are related to Landnámabók. It is unclear how far back in time the bloodline really travels. Landnámabók literally translates as “the book of all names.” It is widely speculated that the family is responsible for keeping vast records of Einar history.

Castle Landnámabók rises up out of the plains overlooking the coastal town of Tune. Close to the Fæsul empire, the castle has withstood several assaults from powerful Fæsul armies. Because of the high frequency of attacks, members of the house have developed a strong war ethic, and every child is given some basic military training.

Members of Landnámabók share a proud military tradition. Over the last hundred years, members of the family have commanded armies responsible for successful campaigns defending Einar and attacking her enemies. Military commanders from this house generally carry powerful titansteel weapons into battle.

House Landnámabók’s patron deity is Odin.

House Landnámabók’s runic symbol is Uruz.

Living Members

Name Age Profession Accomplishments Disappointments
Gärdar Landnámabók 57 General 3 successful military campaigns Lost the Battle of Tønsberg – 2184
Gudmund Landnámabók 57 Noble 5 successful military campaigns
Received recognition 3 times
Received loot 3 times
Criminal activity (age 14)
Karl Landnámabók 56 General 7 successful campaigns
Won regional games (age 13)
Lost the Battle of Tønsberg – 2193
Arnora Landnámabók 55 Solder Received loot 3 times
Received recognition
Thorgrim Landnámabók 53 Noble 2 artistic masterpieces Caught in a deep scandal
Unn Landnámabók 52 Noble
Valthjof Landnámabók 52 Noble 2 artistic masterpieces
Asdis Landnámabók 49 Noble
Lambi Landnámabók 48 Noble Won regional games (age 11)
Melkorka Landnámabók 44 Commander 2 successful campaigns
Dotta Landnámabók 43 Master 3 artistic masterpieces Failed political career
Elgfrothi Landnámabók 41 General 1 successful campaign
Recognized 4 times for prowess
Ingigerd Landnámabók 39 General 2 successful campaigns
Won regional games (age 18)
Won regional games (age 22)
Received field promotion
Received loot
Recognized 2 times for prowess
Criminal activity (age 20)
Saura Landnámabók 39 Noble
Hauk Landnámabók 38 Commander Recognized 3 times for prowess
Bjorg Landnámabók 37 General
Kori Landnámabók 37 Noble Won regional games (age 22)
Hundi Landnámabók 28 Commander Won regional games (age 18)
Won regional games (age 22)
Won regional games (age 24)
Won regional games (age 25)
Lambi Landnámabók 28 Politician Won regional games (age 17)
1 artistic masterpiece
Häming Landnámabók 28 Noble
Aki Landnámabók 28 Commander
Holmstein Landnámabók 28 Noble 3 artistic masterpieces
Gizor Landnámabók 28 Noble
Asgrim Landnámabók 28 Noble Won regional games (age 19)
Steinunn Landnámabók 28 Master 3 artistic masterpieces
Haklang Landnámabók 28 Master 3 artistic masterpieces
Leiknir Landnámabók 27 Commander Won regional games (age 17)
Sigrid Landnámabók 27 General 2 successful campaigns
Gunbjorn Landnámabók 19
Asvald Landnámabók 19 Solder
Gretter Landnámabók 18
Hastein Landnámabók 18 Won regional games (age 17) Failed political career
Koll Landnámabók 18 Politician
Astrid Landnámabók 17
Thea Landnámabók 17 Criminal activity (age 16)
Solveig Landnámabók 16 Solder
Herdis Landnámabók 16 Artist

House Landnámabók

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