Jarlshof City

Region: Jarlshof

Jarlshof has been around seemingly forever. No one in all your travels remembers the founding date for Jarlshof.

You recall that in 690, the town of Jarlshof was growing until suddenly a swarm of locusts destroyed much of the crop. The resulting food shortages caused a widespread famine across the region. Consequently, the town shrank in size to a village.

You also remember reading about a smallpox outbreak in 790 though the disease wasn’t widespread enough to destroy the village.

And thus was Jarlshof’s history for the next 1160 years until it grew large enough to be considered a town in 1956. And the population surge continued for nearly twenty years until in 1972, Jarlshof was named a city. In 1992, Jarlshof hosted the regional games.

Noteworthy Living People


Noteworthy Battles

Year Fæsul General Einar General Victor Margin
933 Micon Surius Sam Ljot Einar Obliterated
971 Rubico Surius Olaf Tryggvi Fæsul Obliterated
972 Belisarius Surius Gärdar Tryggvi Einar Obliterated
1414 Commius Symmachus Thrain Arnkel Fæsul Defeated
1505 Atrius Symmachus Gilli Kolfinn Einar Defeated
1854 Acilianus Orosius Thorgerd Naddod Fæsul Obliterated
2051 Faustinianus Orosius Dotta Gnupa Einar Obliterated
2164 Disertus Cordius Halla Landnámabók Einar Obliterated

Jarlshof City

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