Jorvik City

Region: Jarlshof

Jorvik has been around seemingly forever. No one in all your travels remembers the founding date for Jorvik.

You remember reading about a ravenous horde of barbarians that sacked Jorvik in 723, destroying the walls and slaughtering almost everyone. Due to heavy losses, the town shrank into a village.

The city was attacked again thirty years later, in 753, when a swarm of locusts took to eating the crops. Through cunning use of magic, the villagers were able to hold off the locusts, preventing widespread damage.

The next three hundred years were marked by a sudden increase in population. In 1043, the village had enough people to be considered a city.

Jorvik hosted the regional games in 1123, and several heroes competed in many events. Many beasts were slain in the hunt, and the mead was exceptionally tasty that year.

Sadly in 1641, the city was hit by a ravenous plague that sliced the population by two-thirds. The citizens remained in the city in spite of fears that the plague would take everyone’s life. By the time the disease ran its course, the city shrank to the size of a village. The village rebounded quickly, however, and grew to the size of a town in just 4 years.

Nearly a hundred years later, the town experienced a historical harvest with an amazing yield of grain.

In 1757, the town was hit again by disease. Smallpox this time. The disease was mostly non-lethal, and the town didn’t experience a significant population drop.

In 2005, the town grew large enough to be regarded a full city. However, just six years after word spread across the land of Jorvik’s newfound wealth and prominence, a horde of barbarians sacked the city causing widespread damage and murdering many people. The population dropped to the size of a town.

Sixty years later in 2077, the townsfolk were able to drive off a swarm of locusts that had decided to return some 1300 years later.

Noteworthy Living People

Name Age Hometown Notes
Eilif Reinn 43 Harstad Participated in the Battle of Jorvik 2193; KING
Karl Landnámabók 56 Tune Participated in the Battle of Jorvik 2193

Noteworthy Battles

Year Fæsul General Einar General Victor Margin
677 Adauctus Pelagius Geirhild Bergthor Einar Obliterated
934 Pudens Surius Thorgrima Tryggvi Fæsul Obliterated
1206 Rufinianus Esdras Aki Eirik Einar Defeated
1363 Hilario Aeacus Geir Kolfinn Fæsul Defeated
2074 Mactator Orosius Njal Landnámabók Einar Obliterated
2128 Tullio Cordius Beiner Reinn Fæsul Obliterated
2193 Calacicus Sittius Karl Landnámabók Einar Obliterated

Jorvik City

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